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Keinan Bossi

For me, photography is a way of telling a story. Most of the time that story is about the people, and cultures, I encounter along the way, and a small part of it is my own.

Essentially, it is exploration that I do. My process involves experiencing, touring, talking, documenting, and ‘running & gunning’ through where I am, whether it’s a desert or a city.

Originally, from a small agricultural farm located on the southern coast of Israel, now I mostly roam the globe in search of that perfect story as a documentary artist.

I have clear recollections throughout childhood of my father trying to persuade me to join him, as he was an award winning journalism photographer for most of his life, but to no vail.

It is somewhat amusing, that I picked up a camera to shoot only 25 years later, after I encountered a time where change was a must.

I fell in love with it. With the need to be both passive, and active, in that pursuit of getting the story. I find it to be a very thrilling outlet, one to appease me from my chaotic mind.

Here lay my body of work 
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